Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kieren goes all YouTube on us

Atari User's very own Kieren has posted some Atari Lynx music videos on YouTube. Now we don't normally encourage such attempts at individual fame or internet stardom but as Kieren is known to write the odd article for Atari User we thought we'd be nice and post a link on the official Atari User Blog.

You can check out Kieren's videos by checking out his YouTube channel.

The Last Retro Computer Games Festival Ever?

Fancy a day of retro goodness, plus lots of beer?

Check out the Last Retro Computer Games Festival, being held on Saturday, January 22nd, at the Garden Gate pub in Aldershot.

Expect arcade machines, lots of retro computing and gaming hardware, High Score Competitions and more. Kieren from Atari User will be in attendance so you'll have plenty of chance to talk about everything Atari Jaguar and Atari Lynx, plus talk about Atari User magazine.

For more details, check out the event's facebook page where you'll find directions and more information.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Issue 15 is here!

After a well earned break and lots of festive fun we're back as issue 15 kicks off 2012.

n this issue we check out Atari's DOS XE for the 8-bit, look at the different versions of the Commando arcade classic on the Atari, review the Atari scene of the last 12 months and start a new series where we look at one month of Atari history over the years in each issue.

Also, we ask the question: What was the Atari Mirai?, we look at Tradewest's coin-op conversions for the Atari ST, review 2 great wargames from Microprose for the XL/XE, we look at A Byte Before Christmas for the 2600, detail the latest homebrew scene news and we have a ton of reviews for you, covering everything from the VCS to the Atari Jaguar including killer Jaguar game Raiden.

The latest issue is available in PDF as well as in print from lulu and magcloud. For details, check out the Atari User website today!