Saturday, February 18, 2012

Atari User Issue 16 is here!

Yes, Atari User issue 16 is out, and we're all going to take a very small break to recover from the workload before hitting the ground running on Issue 17.

In this issue we look at the Atari STE and ask if Atari dropped the ball, we also cover the Atari Lynx in Japan, the Atari 600XL and look at the latest Atari related news.

Our ST coin-op series covers Konami and we take a look at another month in detail, in Atari history.

Lots of reviews this issue including Alien Vs Predator for the Jaguar CD, and titles for the Jaguar, 2600, 7800, Atari 5200, ST and XL/XE.

Finally, we look at Tera, the next big game to be distributed by Atari.

This issue is available as always in PDF from the Atari User Website and you can buy print editions from and Magcloud . Remember, the Magcloud edition is full color throughout, printed on glossy magazine quality paper.