Friday, September 16, 2011

Atari's Heroes Of Neverwinter now in OPEN BETA!

Yes folks, it is here and it actually looks good and plays rather well. OK, it is in beta, and is a bit rough around the edges but what you basically have here is a great RPG game for the facebook generation.

Don't expect this game to have you ditching your Xbox 360 or PS3 any time soon, it is a facebook game after all, but it is an Atari game featuring the Dungeons & Dragons franchise - and, unlike Atari's last D&D venture, this one doesn't suck.

You can choose from one of several classes as well as customize your character and allocate skill points to various character traits before you set off. The tutorial is similar to EA's Dragon Age facebook RPG, but once you get going the game comes into its own and begins to shine.

In the town of Neverwinter you can recruit characters to join you in your quests as well as select from a list of different adventure quests to follow. You can select a different difficulty level for each quest too which is a good option for more experienced players. Recruiting party members is done via the tavern, and characters beyond Level 2 cost gold or crystals (the in-game currency). Level 1 characters, though, can be added to your party for free.

What we have then is a great looking turn-based RPG that does seem to be worthy of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. In order to defeat the nasty creatures you'll inevitably come across, you'll need to choose the makeup of your party carefully as well as use some strategic thinking when it comes to making your moves. Do you go in for melee combat or do you use ranged attacks to wear down the enemy first?

We're impressed with what we've seen so far, and looks like Atari are on to a winner with this one.


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