Friday, September 2, 2011

Deep Impact Event as Atari C&D frenzy continues

Atari Inc's cease and desist email onslaught shows no signs of abating. The company has recently targeted website for using an Atari trademark, in its entirety, in the domain name. Just like in the case of, Atari want the domain name - or else. At time of writing shows locations and trajectories of various asteroids that could be a risk to the planet Earth. The site has been used, however, in the past as a tribute to the Atari arcade hit Asteroids and featured a playable clone of the Asteroids game. Atari's email to the site operator makes no mention of this - they just want the domain name.

Atari are also turning up the heat on emulators. This time Atari are targeting various Atari related emulators for, wait for it, the Sega Dreamcast.

There has still been no news from Atari regarding - a story Atari User broke to the world last week. At time of writing, Atari have ignored requests from Atari User Magazine for a statement.


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