Thursday, October 27, 2011

Atari Apologise over debacle

Andrew Davie, owner of, has confirmed that Atari have apologised for demanding that he hand over his domain name to them.

Davie & Atari have been in regular contact in recent weeks to reach an amicable solution to the issue. As far as Davie is concerned the matter is now closed and resolved.

Atari's recent cease & desist crusade resulted in a backlash from Atari enthusiasts, the retro community and the gaming press. Atari are now making efforts to build bridges with their retro fans and ensure future efforts to protect their intellectual properties are more tightly screened and focused on genuine infringement , rather than seemingly blindingly targeting anyone using the name "Atari" on their website.

Here at Atari User we believe this is a very positive development and hopefully a sign that Atari are indeed going to be making an effort to re-engage with the retro community.


Anonymous said...

I hope so. It was a very stupid move on atari's part to attack the fansite. Stupid Atari, your suppose to nurture your fanbase, not alienate it.

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