Sunday, October 2, 2011

Retro Revolution a major success!

The first Retro Revolution event hosted this weekend in Chelmsford was a major success, with a vast selection of retro hardware on display to check out and play, and loads of visitors who ended up stumbling home in the wee hours!

Atari User Live! was there, and Kieren kindly did a quick video to give those of you who couldn't attend a look at what you missed. A big thanks to Steve and Rinoa for putting together a brilliant event and hopefully more will follow.

We'll be posting some pics here on the AU blog over the next few days, plus look out for an event report in issue 14 of Atari User Magazine.

As for rumors of an exclusive demo of a new game for the Atari Jaguar, sadly some gremlins (maybe sponsored by Sony?!) meant that the demo wasn't ready on time. That is about as much as we can say on the subject at the moment as we've all been sworn to secrecy - under pain of death.

We'll bring you more news on what this elusive and highly secretive game is as we get it.


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