Thursday, July 14, 2011

Atari Flashback 3 Vanishes At Sea - All Feared Lost

Speculation over the new Atari Flashback 3 console shows no sign of going away after several UK online retail giants pulled both the Flashback 3 and a rumored Atari Arcade Nano (AT Games?) from sale after taking large amounts of orders.
It appears they were selling stock they just didn't have with customers being told attempts to source the Flashback 3 had failed. Fortunately, most customers would not have actually been billed until their order was fulfilled.
So, did the big slow boat from China sink?, or is there more to this story that will unfold over the coming weeks? Consider this though, why would UK retailers be offering the Flashback 3 console for £9.95 ($16 USD) when US distributors were wanting $59 ?

We know the Flashback 3 is coming from China, heck what doesn't these days, and we know it has been licensed by Atari. SD support has gone out of the window and the console should ship with 60 games built-in.

We'll keep trying to get our hands on one of these but don't hold your breath.


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