Thursday, July 21, 2011

XM Expansion Module Developer Loses Rag as 7800 Community Plunges Into Chaos

Originally slated for a late 2010 release, Curt Vendel's (Legacy Engineering) XM Expansion module project for the Atari 7800 is nearing completion after being hit by a series of issues including problems sourcing reliable suppliers and changes to the design and development team.

Customers, for the most part, have been patient and understanding but a few have been more than skeptical about progress and have been quite vocal in voicing their opinions. It all got a bit too much for Vendel who yesterday said he'd "had enough" and called on anyone who was unhappy to just cancel their order.

Vendel also stated that this would be his last none commercial project - "... you friggin crossed the line and I'm not going to be bothered with this crap anymore.". Strong words from a developer who has generally been held in high regard within the Atari community.

Here at Atari User we have every confidence in Legacy Engineering's XM Expansion module project and it is always a great shame when any developer or programmer feels that the wider Atari community isn't deserving of their efforts anymore.


Anonymous said...

He's never been held in high regards by anyone except a few blind followers. His latest fiasco is a perfect example why. This thing was supposed to ship in November of 2010! A year and a half later, and it still hasn't shipped. The only promise I hope he keeps is to not bother people with his crap anymore.

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