Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Atari Museum - the greatness that was

If you've ever wondered how great Atari was or what they accomplished, then you could do no better than visit the Atari Museum , an online site dedicated to preserving Atari history and the Atari legacy.

Operated by Curt Vendel, dedicated Atari enthusiast and historian, the Atari Museum has a wealth of information and images from Atari's glory days. Within a few minutes you can't fail to realize how innovative and years ahead of the competition Atari were.

Curt, and the rest of his team, have spent years working to preserve rare Atari hardware. From dumpster diving to painstaking research and tracking down former Atari employees, the Atari Museum is a website that any Atari enthusiast should be adding to their bookmarks.

Vendel is currently finalizing work on the XM Expansion Module for the Atari 7800, an impressive piece of hardware that opens up the classic 7800 to new frontiers. Several highly talented homebrew developers have already confirmed their commitment to writing new XM compatible games for the 7800.


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