Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Atari Turn On 8-Bit Community

You've been happily programming and producing demos for your beloved Atari 8-bit computer for years and then, out of the blue, comes a nasty email from the legal department of Atari Inc, alleging copyright infringement and saying you should not be mentioning terms such as "Atari 130XE".

This has just happened to Starsoft Berlin , a fan site dedicated to hosting classic Starsoft disk magazines from the nineties and putting together a "New Year's" demo for the 8-bit.

Today's Atari Inc has nothing to do with either the Atari Corp or Atari Inc of old. It has its roots in a French software label that was well known for bringing out some quite dodgy titles for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga.

Is this a case of a naive legal representative at Atari Inc in New York, or is it a sign of what is to come? - a company that doesn't care about Atari enthusiasts and the Atari of old,  and just sees the Fuji symbol as a way to cash in on past brand awareness? Only time will tell.

It isn't looking good.


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